Meet Our Team

The Coastal Crew

Meet the fine folks who keep Coastal Provisions running ship shape!

Brett Pollak

General Manager

Brett leads and coordinates Coastal Provisions' management team in all operations, including planning, scheduling, packaging, warehousing, and cutting production. He ensures the sequential list of duties is followed as the plant's program outlines. His seafood qualifications include 30+ years of experience in management, including production, purchasing, and sales. He is responsible for plant safety, OSHA, and HACCP requirements.

Jose Miguel Sandoval

Plant Supervisor

Miguel is in charge of supervising and training all production employees at Coastal Provisions. He is not only HACCP certified but boasts 30+ years of experience in the seafood industry. He ensures all orders are to customer specifications, maintains equipment, and tracks production records daily.

Matt Rek

CMO / Sales Manager

Matt is responsible for developing and executing strategies to drive market growth, enhance brand presence and support all sales and distribution channels. With 10+ years of executive experience across the hospitality and real estate industries, he identifies and pursues new business opportunities and partnerships to expand market reach, as well as ensure customer satisfaction for all clients, distributors, and retailers.

Kyle Zuvella


Kyle supports the team at Coastal Provisions by managing all financial activities for the business. This includes planning and budgeting, accounts payable/receivable operations, monthly reconciliation processes, pricing and yield analyses, and capital allocation decision-making. He brings 10+ years of finance and operations roles across the technology and hospitality industries.

Peyton Strait

Client Success Manager

Peyton helps Coastal Provisions' clients find the best seafood for their concepts. Peyton's experience in the restaurant industry has educated him on how different cuisines and cultures worldwide use seafood. Additionally, he educates restaurants on seafood seasonality, local fisheries, and recipe design.

Emily Wilmeth

HR Director / Sales

Emily oversees Coastal's human resources functions, such as recruiting, payroll reconciliation, benefits, and insurance. She also ensures that the front office runs smoothly and efficiently, greeting and assisting vendors with a friendly and professional demeanor. With 30+ years of experience in the hospitality and seafood industry, she is also a key member of the sales team.

Rafa Barrera

Fleet Manager

Rafa implements best maintenance practices that enable Coastal Provisions to gain efficiencies and effectiveness in service delivery. As Fleet Manager, Rafa oversees all aspects of our routes, which includes preventative maintenance, repairs, and operations of our vehicles. He establishes efficient ways and monitors drivers to ensure adherence to schedule and proper driving practices.

Aldo Sardi


Born in Trapani, Sicily, Aldo immigrated to the United States to further his career in the hospitality industry, where he made one of his first big culinary impressions at Scandia Restaurant in West Hollywood and La Scala in Beverly Hills. After some time there, he went to sea on the Capital Cruise line as an executive chef and then held executive chef positions for country clubs such as Bel Air Country Club, Manhattan Beach Country Club, and Riviera Country Club. His passion and knowledge of seafood had helped him make meaningful connections with vendors and chefs all over Los Angeles.

Kat Jones


Kat's love for seafood started at a very young age. Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, diving, fishing, and enjoying exceptional seafood has allowed her to cultivate relationships with chefs, fishermen, and farmers. Relocating to Ventura County over a decade ago, commercially harvesting CA Spiny Lobster began her journey of selling fine seafood. Her sales passion has always been motivated by the joy of gathering around an amazing meal.